Ace Attorney - Kristoph (Falling

115 Icons

Hey. Damn long time, no post.

115 Total
Ace Attorney x2
x2 Apollo Justice
Final Fantasy VII x6
x2 Cloud Strife
x3 Rufus Shinra
x1 Zack Fair
Final Fantasy X x3
x3 Tidus
Law & Order x2
x2 Jack McCoy
Mobile Suit Gundam (0079) x3
x1 Bright Noa
x1 Char/Garma
x1 Kycillia and Garma
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam x22
x3 Amuro Ray
x1 Bask Ohm
x1 Bask/Blex
x6 Kamille Bidan
x5 Kamille/Amuro
x3 Kamille/Quattro
x2 Quattro (Char)
x1 Quattro and... children?
Mobile Suit Gundam (Misc.) x13
x1 Amuro Ray
x1 Amuro/Kamille
x3 Bright Noa
x2 Char/Kamille
x1 Judau Ashita
x3 Judau/Kamille
x1 Judau/Kamille (+Char)
x1 Zeon ORGY
Neon Genesis Evangelion x13
x3 Evangelion Units (00 and 01)
x1 Kaworu Nagisa
x2 Misato Katsuragi
x2 Rei Ayanami
x1 Ritsuko Akagi
x4 Shinji Ikari
Persona 3 x25
x2 Aigis
x7 Akihiko Senada
x1 Junpei Iori
x1 Ken Amada
x11 Minato Arisato
x1 Mitsuro Kirijo
x2 Yukari Takeba
Pop Stars x7
x7 Rihanna (Disturbia)
Silent Hill x18
x2 Silent Hill
x5 Silent Hill (Movie)
x8 Silent Hill 2
x3 Silent Hill 3
Teen Titans (Comic) x1
x1 Robin
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Gurren Lagann - Kamina (Intense)

50 Icons

(Note: "With" does NOT equal slash)
x38 Gundam
x4 Mobile Suit Gundam
x4 Char Aznable
x34 Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam/Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam
x1 Amuro Ray
x1 Captain Bright, with Kamille
x1 HAPPY MILK (idk, wtf)
x15 Kamille Bidan
x3 Kamille/Judau
x1 Katz
x7 Quattro Bajeena
x5 Quattro with Kamille
x2 Parasyte
x2 Shinji (or Shuuichi, whatever you grew up with)
x10 Peechats
x4 Boobjection pchat
x6 Pchattan (daiguwwendan)

Photobucket - Photobucket - Photobucket

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Please comment if taking, and credit if used! :D Cooperation is appreciated.
And uh, no hotlinking.
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Shinji (ON ACI

Icon Post.

All kinds of crap in here.

27 total
x8 Megaman (crack)
-x1 Gutsman
x4 Neon Genesis Evangelion
-x2 Shinji/Asuka
-x1 Rei Ayanami
-x1 Kaworu Nagisa
x10 Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice Ace Attorney
-x1 Godot
-x1 Godot/Phoenix
-x3 Hobo!Phoenix
-x1 Miles Edgeworth
-x1 Phoenix Wright
-x3 Phoenix/Miles
x4 Silent Hill
-x2 Silent Hill 2
-x1 Silent Hill movie
-x1 Silent Hill 4
x1 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (crack)

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I think I have more somewhere. I'll dig 'em up later.
Ace Attorney - Gumshoe (VIVA CHE)

48 Icons

Fandom: Phoenix Wright

x1 Dick Gumshoe
x2 Hobohodo
x4 Maya Fey
x1 Mike Meekins
x16 Miles Edgeworth
x18 Phoenix Wright
x4 Phoenix and Maya
x2 Phoenix and Miles

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket - Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket - Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Please comment if you take any, and credit can go to either aiwa_icons or fancy_clafre.

Note on the pictures used: Most is official art, what isn't I got off of 4chan, so I'm really not sure of their true origins.
Ace Attorney - Gumshoe (VIVA CHE)


ONCE AGAIN I lied. No eva for any of you, just more... Phoenix Wright. Kill me now.

x36 Gyakuten Saiban
x5 Apollo Justice Odoroki
x9 Hobohodo
x9 Miles Edgeworth
x7 Phoenix Wright
x6 Phoenix/Miles yaoi (Implied and shown.)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

By the way, if you wanna make some trippy icons, I suggest listening to Boards of Canada while making them. It really helps, case in point: I made all of these listening to their Geogaddi album. Have fun, and don't forget to credit if you take some.

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